Oxfordshire dating agencies

The thought of getting back 'out there' after 30 plus years was daunting - as was any idea of internet dating!

But I felt that Sarah understood me, knew (perhaps more than I did) what I wanted, and would work not only at my pace but with a great deal of support.

If anyone is unsure as to whether to do this or not...couldn’t make a better decision.

And to think I very nearly wimped out and didn't call you.

We had such fun with our families and friends sharing our happiness.

Monday will be the second anniversary of your introducing us, you see how much has happened?

Attached are a few we sent out when the wedding news broke! We were both waiting for each other and we needed you to introduce us……

London/Richmond Dear Sarah, We have been married a month, beautiful service in a country church followed by dinner and dancing, a proper party!


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