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She lost her father to brain cancer earlier this year, her senior year in high school."Nobody had words to help but Taylor," Miller said. 5, Swift's "1989" world tour has grossed million, with sold-out shows across the nation. They think I still got a little bit of life left in me by doing it.’”Dorweiler, a widower, and Frink, a widow, both live in the Des Moines area. Dorweiler purchased two after he heard the show was coming to Des Moines — but it wasn’t until a month or so ago that he informed Frink that’s how they’d be spending a Thursday night in October. He spent a brief period — from 1941 to 1942 — working as a DJ at a radio station in Fort Dodge.

"Just her music and how she carries herself inspired me to move forward,”The tale of these three Swift fans, whose age differences span more than seven decades, illustrates the broad appeal of the star, who is scheduled to make her fifth appearance in Des Moines since 2009. Swift's fifth studio record, "1989" became the fastest-selling record in 10 years, Billboard also reported, reaching the milestone of 5 million copies sold in 36 weeks.“First of all, they said, ‘What?! Tucked away in his basement are the old records he used to play at the station, which he still spins on his record player from time to time.

Phil Dorweiler and his friend, Liz Frink, may not be the oldest fans of Taylor Swift in the world, but Phillip believes they may be the oldest in attendance at Swift's Des Moines show on Thursday, Oct. Phil Dorweiler, 89, and Liz Frink, 86, have been dating for about a year and a half.

They go see films, go out to dinner and travel together.

Seven months later, as the family was beginning to acclimate to life in America, President Donald Trump took office and issued an executive order that would prevent more families like them from coming to the United States.On Thursday, they will see 25-year-old pop megastar Taylor Swift at her sold-out show at the Wells Fargo Arena.Yes, they realize they are not your typical Swifties. Because what's more fun than seeing one of the the hottest pop stars of their time on a weeknight in Des Moines?"I started screaming, and my mom ran in my room because she had no idea what was happening."Miller said she watches how Swift conducts herself to learn cues for her day-to-day life.“She’s focused on being herself and not letting what other people say about her really get to her,” Miller said. Know someone in Iowa with an interesting Swift story? Tweet @DMRegister or @mattleimkuehler with the hashtag #Iowa Swiftie to tell your story. “It inspires you to not care what others think about you. Dorweiler said Swift is about the only singer he likes who’s still alive and playing shows.“I can understand some of her words,” Dorweiler said.


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