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To date, my arsenal of unfinished pieces is my greatest accomplishment.And so, I thrive on writing story fragments; I rarely craft endings.

How I read this painting is how I write: moments, scenes, even entire chapters of a narrative don’t quite make sense during the writing process.

When we hear a familiar song, we are often able to recall a moment from our past that is connected to that tune.

Favorite songs tickle our memory in various ways; your child may even complain of “getting a song stuck in her head,” which shows that music is easily ingrained in our memory.

to explain my writing process, and also to hint at how I see the world.

This early 1500s painting is a triptych (composed of three panels): the left depicts Eden; the center displays a whimsical orgy of nude figures, creatures, and surrealist iconography; and the right panel, dark and moody, depicts hell.


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