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“Especially on the east side of town, it seems like the women want to be wined and dined.” He said he once took a woman out to a nice restaurant and she ordered the most expensive item on the menu, and then ordered food to take out. So the women tend to be more superficial than in other places I’ve been.” But how to get past all that?

He said the best thing to do was get to know someone, listen attentively, and figure out the person’s likes and dislikes. Wait at least two years to get to know the other person before doing anything serious.

On a recent Friday night – sitting in my blue satin dress, my hair done up, my makeup on – I called my date. Inside, a DJ station was set up and people danced, clapped and flirted in the eternal quest for new digits.

To avoid superficial relationships, she suggested that women decide exactly what they want and need out of a relationship. “I look at guys like athletes: They want competition, and they want to fight for it. And if I didn’t find a girl to have fun with I would move on to the next bar,” he said.And I had a nice date alongside me, or so I thought.The moment we parked the car, he informed me that another girl was going to be there and to not act like anything was going on between us. I just couldn’t believe how he waited after we drove 25 miles to Miami to tell me he had double booked himself a nice duo of girls, me and someone else. Clicking ‘like’ on someone’s social media post can be considered flirting. Looking back, I don’t think dating has become any easier.I’m in my 30s and although I’ve gotten smarter and have a better sense of what I want, I still haven’t found the right guy.Good food tours introduce you to the best local bites and leave you with a full belly.


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