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My gripe, this time so important that I feel have to e-mail you my concerns, is with "A Place at the Table" we've selected for our closing song this weekend.I know people know it and seem to like it, but to me it is very disconcerting theologically.Second verse: For woman, for man, a place at the table Revising the roles, deciding the share With wisdom and grace, dividing the power For woman and man, a system's that fair I'm sorry, but I struggle enough with the political hijacking of the liturgy with "inclusive language". I'm sorry, but this verse is so obviously agenda-charged and focused especially at the male-only priesthood that it isn't simply bad theology, it is dangerous.

The only safety is the security of salvation, and that is only guaranteed if we persevere to the end.

The last line of the verse is simply inane, but has its own dangers. Well, if we are willing to interpret that star as the "bright morning star" that is Jesus (cf Rev ), there's no problem.

But there's a lot things this phrase could also mean, and the context is vague enough that the meaning isn't at all clear.

I also feel it is remarkably naive and outrageous to call the place at the table "a safe place for growing".

True, we grow in grace by partaking in the sacraments, most especially the Eucharist, but we are hardly "safe" at the table.


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