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For consumer-type users, the benefits that come along with it far outweigh the risks.

Additionally, each kernel that you update to will have been tested for at least a couple of days by developers and test users to ensure that it runs without a hitch.

It’s best to have the latest one so you know you won’t come across that issue.

Last but not least, many major updates to the kernel improve the overall speed of the system.

Some people argue that constantly updating the kernel actually decreases the overall system stability because you’ll be running on a kernel that you’ve never used, so you cannot assume that it will work as well as the kernel you were previously running on.If a hacker manages to get into the kernel, a lot of damage can be done or the system simply crashes.Those are inconveniences that are easily avoided with up-to-date kernels.When you change the IP address settings on one of the servers, the wizard automatically reconfigures your Windows EBS network to maintain connections between the servers.In addition to the IP address settings of the adapter that you choose, the wizard modifies one or more of the following: The Change IP Address Settings Wizard helps you change IP address settings on the Windows EBS computers and make coordinating changes to services and roles that depend on those settings.Occasionally, major updates to the kernel in Linux also brings some new functions.


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