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Kate is venting her anger that Bianca should be indulged with suitors while she remains alone.Granted, she is an intelligent and spirited woman who wouldn't be satisfied with simpering men such as Gremio and Hortensio.Barcelona are the frontrunners to sign Arthur in January.The midfielder, 21, has greatly impressed in the Brazilian top flight in recent years.Related quizzes can be found here: Taming of the Shrew Quizzes There are 36 questions on this topic. Like many other of Shakespeare's comedies, The Taming of the Shrew features a woman as one of the story's chief protagonists.

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Shakespeare, though, is setting up a clever teaching lesson, helping us later to see the errors of our own hasty judgment (just as characters in Shrew will also learn lessons about rushing to judgments).She confronts her father, claiming Bianca is his "treasure" and "must have a husband" while she, humiliated, dances "barefoot on her wedding day" and leads "apes in hell" (II.1, 31-36).Although Katherine, in the early acts of the play, seems reasonably well motivated in her actions, the manner in which she carries out her feelings is perhaps what most marks her as a shrew.Although other characters encourage us to see her as unmannerly and incorrigible, deserving of marginalization and abuse, looking more closely at what Kate actually says reveals she may not be as domineering as some characters would have us believe.For instance, the first lines we hear her speak are to her father, imploring him not to wed her to a fool (57-58).Rather, she needs a strong man to compliment her own strong and powerful personality.


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