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He tried online dating with some success, but exhausted that option without finding the perfect match. “I think people get disheartened really easily,” Apse said.“There’s lots of awesome people in Portland, beautiful women and people who are engaged and excited about life.” FOR ONE SINGLE, MOVING NO HELP Emily Straubel, 30, had to learn that the hard way.“There are lots of people who are trying to meet people,” he said.

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Their single women are all better off than Portland's, according to Dating Advice.

As the Old Port’s outdoor patios opened up and singles flooded from their apartments looking for summer love, we aimed to figure out how Portland got its bad rap and whether a good mate is really that hard to find here.

Caitlin Cleary and Kelly Robinson, both 23 and in relationships, said they wouldn’t expect to meet someone they want to date at a bar, like Amigo’s, where they shared nachos at happy hour on a recent Thursday.

But for Robinson, meeting her boyfriend through mutual friends posed its own problems.

His friends were also friends with her ex, she said, and once they started dating, there wasn’t room for everyone.


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