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Gjoni claimed that Quinn had been dating games reviewer Nathan Grayson, who worked for the gaming news and culture site Kotaku—straw that misogynists and malcontents on infamous trolling factory 4chan were all too eager to spin into fool’s gold.

After Gjoni shared his manifesto on the site, users lined up to legitimize it, quickly coming to the conclusion that Quinn had slept with Grayson for positive coverage of , and he and Quinn had only gone on a handful of dates—but that wasn’t the point.

For 21 years, we’ve taken deep dives into everything from Love and Lust to Maps & Legends to Family Values.It’s on this central pillar that Holkins and Krahulik have built their once modest cartooning endeavor into a multimillion dollar corporation.This year’s PAX East in Boston broke 80,000 attendees, cementing it as the largest gaming convention in the United States.As the infamous movement’s three-year anniversary approaches, it’s time for gamers to ask: isn’t the only game that’s taken on a financial and cultural life of its own.According to data collected by Newzoo, a gaming industry market intelligence agency, “2.2 billion gamers across the globe are expected to generate 8.9 billion in game revenues in 2017.” Even honoring the artificial distinction between “casual” mobile gamers and “real” console and computer fans, there are easily half a billion people in the world who fit under that broad umbrella of “gaming culture.” That dissemination has not only been crucial to gaming’s economic expansion, but it has also exposed millions of people to nerdiness’ seedy underbelly.But limiting ourselves to just four themes each year—which were themselves limited by the print format—felt like a disservice to our community, especially since many of our readers consume media solely in digital form (no shade…). This feature, on the gaming culture, is the second of our monthly longreads on the topic of Fragility. Every month through December 2017, we’ll publish a new must-read perspective on the subject that we hope you’ll read, share, and make part of your routine.


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